The brewery

We made them change the law!

A wild idea was born in 2007; build the world’s northernmost brewery at Spitsbergen! We sent an application to the authorities for a brewing license in 2009, but it was refused. Then another application for dispensation from the Svalbard law, but refused again. So we decided to change our strategy, to make the politicians change the law from 1928 instead. And on 1 July 2014 the new law on produce of alcoholic beverages on Svalbard passed the Norwegian Parliament!

A family project

Both Robert’s love for the Arctic archipelago and Anne Grete’s international travel competence have been vital factors for this Arctic adventure. Robert is a long distance commuter from Tromsø, staying at the family cottage at Spitsbergen, in harmony with Arctic foxes and polar bears. Daily phone conferences with Tromsø as well as family visits from the mainland have been important for this untraditional family project.

From 0 to 250.000 in two years

Svalbard Bryggeri AS was founded by wife and husband Anne Grete and Robert Johansen from Tromsø in 2011. The world’s northernmost beer was tapped in August 2015. And in 2017 our goal is to brew 250.000 liters of Svalbard beer.

The island from an aircraft.

It’s easy to get tempted and seduced by this amazing Arctic island universe right south of the North Pole.

Midnight sun.

The season’s intensity and amazing Arctic light are impossible to describe in words. The dark period in winter as well as the 24/7 daylight in summer add to the contrasts beyond imagination.

Snow mobile adventure.

There are twice as many snow mobiles at Svalbard than inhabitants. And by far the most important means of transport off the beaten track.