Spitsbergen Ipa

Talking about Svalbard – did you know…

that there is a close, flourishing relationship between Norwegian and Russian settlements on Svalbard? Between Longyearbyen and Barentsburg there are extensive co-operation within culture, travel and social matters.

Spitsbergen Ipa

Hops: USA (Simcoe, Summit, Cascade, Citra, Colombus, Centennial)
Malt: Finland (Vikingmalt)
Yeast: Dry ale (England)
Perfect for: Seasoned food and desserts

The India Pale Ale of Spitsbergen is a strong and top-fermented beer, using predominantly pale malt. Like the first IPAs made for export to India in 1703, ours is packed with hops to get that fine bitterness to it.

Spitsbergen IPA




Content & alcohol

Water (of which 16% glacier water), malt, hops & yeast. ABV: Class F | 7,0%

Sales units

330 ml Cans
30 liter Key kegs