Spitsbergen Pale Ale

Talking about Svalbard – did you know…

that the American explorer Lincoln Ellsworth convinced his father to finance his good friend Roald Amundsen’s 1925 North Pole expedition with 100 000 USD? And in 1926, Ellsworth and Amundsen were the first to reach the North Pole by airship.

Spitsbergen Pale Ale

Hops: USA (Cascade, Colombus, Palisade)
Malt: Finland (Vikingmalt)
Yeast: Dry ale (England)
Perfect for: Seasoned food and beef

This light, pale, fruity and top-fermented beer has its origin in Burton-upon-Trent in England around 1820. Caramelized malts and abundance of American hop add to the significant taste of citrus and tropical fruits.

Spitsbergen Pale Ale




Content & alcohol

Water (of which 16% glacier water), malt, hops & yeast. ABV: Class D | 4,7%

Sales units

330 ml Cans
30 liter Key kegs