Spitsbergen Stout

Speaking of which – did you know…

that the trapper Bjørvik Jacobsen spent the winter of 1946/47 at Half Moon Island, where he found himself caring for five polar bear cubs? He brought one home to Tromsø as a pet after the season. And it stayed until it wasn’t a pet anymore…

Spitsbergen Stout

Hops: England (East Kent Golding, Challanger)
Malt: Finland (Vikingmalt)
Yeast: Dry ale (England)
Perfect for: Barbecue, desserts and cheese

Stout is a dark beer made using roasted barley malt, hops and yeast. Traditionally the strongest (stoutest) porters, preferred by dock workers in the 19th century England. Today associated more with dark beer rather than just strong.

Spitsbergen Stout




Content & alcohol

Water (of which 16% glacier water), roasted malt, hops & yeast. ABV: Class F | 7,0%

Sales units

330 ml Cans
30 liter Key kegs